Who We Are

The Deeper Life Bible Church is a multinational Bible Based Holiness Church. A Church that started in 1973 at Lagos Nigeria with 15 people, under the leadership of its founder and the General Superintendent – Pastor Dr. William F. Kumuyi. The Church has since grown into millions of people with branches all over Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and over 90 branches in the United States of America.

Pastor William Kumuyi is a renowned Preacher, Teacher, Evangelist, Revivalist, Trainer, and Pastor with a rare combination of God’s Grace in his Apostolic, Evangelical and Pentecostal calling. His unwavering resolve to holiness and righteousness is one of the major reasons why this ministry has stood out distinctively and continues to prosper. Under this ministry, we have recorded countless salvation of souls and the outpouring of God’s power with evident testimonies and verifiable miracles where the lame, the blind, barren, jobless, demonic, and other sick and diseased people have been healed. Surely, the Church history will not be complete without the likes of Pastor William Kumuyi.