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EDEN Conference 2023


The garden, where the first love story was crafted. Where the first man took on the responsibility and went through the process of seeking until he settled with his Wife. Marriage was birthed and the first man and woman became connected on a deeper level. Join us at the Deeper Life Conference Center, Kinston, North Carolina. Kindly register by clicking on the 'Register Today' tab below.
February 2023 | 10th - 12th

THIS SAME JESUS - The Prince of Peace

There's a new dimension of Glory awaiting you in the next Global Crusade. This Same Jesus - The Prince of Peace.
January 2023 | Thursday, 23rd - Friday, 28th

Youth Fest 2023

Youth fest is an annual gathering of youths across the Mid-Atlantic and South-Eastern Regions. Youths spend a weekend engaging in spirit-led worships, talks, games, and more in the presence of God for the purpose of helping them grow in their spiritual, social, academic, & physical lives.
June 2022 | 22nd - 25th
February 2023 | 16th - 21st
Build 2022

Young Adult Conference

BUILD 2022 was borne out of a desperate need for our generation to be established on the living doctrines of our Faith as handed down, by the Lord Jesus Christ, through the early church
May 2022 | 26th - 29th

Time: 10AM Daily